Interview with Cosmic Gate (B2TF feature)


1. You are about to release an album called, Back 2 The Future: The Classics 1999-2003 Remixed (Black Hole), early next year correct ?

Cosmic Gate: Yes, that’s right! “Back 2 The Future” is an album with brand-new remixes from our early work dating from 1999 through 2003. We were really happy with the new remixes we received from our DJ and production colleagues, and the mixes we did ourselves to play out also gained huge traction on the dancefloor. The first single, “Exploration Of Space,” is getting a lot of DJ support and it’s exploding on Beatport at the moment. It’s a good start for the album, which will be released worldwide on January 24th, 2011.

2. What exactly inspired you to record 2011 remixes of some of your biggest, “oldies but goodies” tunes ?

Cosmic Gate: Actually, the reason was that we still like to play the classic anthems in our DJ sets and the audiences demand it. However, the sound quality of the old tracks simply were not up to today’s standards, and the feeling of these tunes did not fit into our current sets. For these reasons, we decided to first do some new versions ourselves to play out. Those edits turned out working really well and people were asking for these new mixes a lot. We thought to ourselves, “Maybe it’s time to rework the old tracks and make a complete CD for fans!” The results can be heard on “Back 2 The Future,” and we think it’s a ‘must’ for every Cosmic Gate fan, no matter if you like the 1999 or 2011 style.

3. You are playing a huge “Trance Around The World 350″ party at the Palladium in Los Angeles later this month [December]. Is there a special playlist that you are willing to play for this event, which will also be broadcast on various radio stations around the world ?

Cosmic Gate: We are playing with Above & Beyond. We always try to be as spontaneous as possible, changing our sets depending on the party and vibe and atmosphere. It’s important to consider whether it’s a club or a festival we’re playing, and what the DJ before us is doing. We cannot give a kind of playlist yet, but we can say that we will play a lot of our own tracks in L.A., as well as new remixes from “Back 2 The Future” that no one has heard yet. The event was sold-out in 24 hours and we think true trance-lovers will enjoy themselves immensely. We can’t wait!

4. In addition to this, your North American Tour it’s about to happen at the beginning of December, correct ? Any special places that fans can see you ?

Cosmic Gate: Playing in North America is definitely one of our favourites, that’s why we come to the U.S. and Canada nearly every month! December is filled with gigs in some of our favourite North American markets, including: San Francisco, L.A., San Diego, Calgary and Montreal for New Year’s Eve. Visit our website for the latest tour info: Cosmic Gate.

5. Despite the busy schedule you guys had the entire year, what else have you been working on ?

Cosmic Gate: We already started with first ideas and studio sessions for our next artist album, which we are planning to release in time for summer 2011.

6. Production-wise, who else did you work with on “Back 2 The Future” ?

Cosmic Gate: Just have a look at the tracklisting to see the producers who remixed our tunes! [laughs] We are really happy and pleased with all of the remixes, as they did an amazing job of updating our early works into a 2011 feel. The mixes go from cool house to hard, pumpin’ trance, and we think it’s a release on which many listeners can find his or her favourite tune!

7. The electronic music industry, as a whole, has changed a lot in recent years. How do you feel about the state of EDM today ?

Cosmic Gate: We think there is a lot of very good electronic dance music around at the moment, and genres are getting mixed around a lot. This is leading to very fresh new styles. We also hear more and more EDM influences in very successful pop productions, and all of this helps the scene get bigger and become more important commercially.

8. This is going to be another major studio album for the beginning of next year, along ‘Deluxe Edition’ of your mega-selling “Sign of the Times” album this year. How would you describe the sound of this one ?

Cosmic Gate: It’s always hard to talk about music, especially when it’s one’s own productions. We think it’s best to listen to our music and make your own judgments about it. The deluxe edition of the CD holds additional album tracks and there are a lot of brand new remixes from very hot and talented people like Arty and Steve Bryan.

9. You are still with Black Hole Recordings, right ?

Cosmic Gate: Yes, we are working together for many years now. We have the same ideas about music and have our total musical freedom to release music that we like. Black Hole is really a perfect label for us, as well as for many other global dance artists.

10. With so many digital labels out there, I am wondering if you ever been offered your own label.

Cosmic Gate: We ran our own labels already many years before. Maybe this will happen again in the future, but only if a label will be handled by a major company as you mentioned. Only time will tell…

11. Is there anything that you two would like to let the fans know about before I let you go ?

Cosmic Gate: We would like to take the chance to thank each one of our fans for their enormous support over the past few years. We always love to come and play in North America and we hope to see you all in 2011 on the dancefloor!

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Picture courtesy: Black Hole Recordings

Interview made by Cosmin Lukacs ( admin/founder)


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