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Gareth Emery presents Northern Lights1. It’s been nearly a year since we have last heard from You Gareth. It seemed to be a sure thing that You were going to appear back again in the spotlight because of Your latest “Northern Lights” album. However, what can You tell me all about it ?

Gareth Emery: I guess I was quiet whilst I was writing the album. I mean, I did have Global (the anthem of Global Gathering festival) but that was it really. It was quite liberating to have some time off remixes to work on my own stuff to be honest.

2. Your last track “Sanctuary” along Lucy Saunders jumped on top because everyone is feeling the title and the vibe of the track thou. Therefore, it ended up being the most well known track of the album. Who’s in charge with the remix duty ?

Gareth Emery: Sean Tyas and his remix is amazing, he absolutely killed it. I am still quite amazed how well “Sanctuary” has done as the first single.

3. This is going to be Your first studio album. How would You describe the sound of this ?

Gareth Emery: It’s basically my sound, the sound you hear in my sets, and in my podcasts. Housey stuff at the start, 135bpm in the middle, then pure Trance at the end.

4. Speaking about it, what is going to be the focus of this new album ?

Gareth Emery: The main aim was to make something that flowed as a continuous piece of music from beginning to end, something that you could listen to time and time again without getting bored. I hope I managed it…

5. Artists such as Jon O’Bir, Lange, Nicholas Bennison, Kirsch were just a few of the big names You featured on some of Your tracks. Who do You link up with this time around for the album ?

Gareth Emery: On vocals I have got Lucy Saunders who sung on two tracks, plus Mark Frisch and Roxanne Emery, none of whom have really done a lot of dance music before. Then musically there are collaborations with Jerome Isma-Ae, Activa (two of my favourite producers) and Brute Force from India.

6. The album is being released on Your own imprint Garuda, is that correct ?

Gareth Emery: Yep.

7. So what have You been working on, besides the album ?

Gareth Emery: Nothing music wise. Pretty much every month this year I have had 10+ gigs each more in 7-8 countries, which is a fairly demanding touring schedule, so managing to write and produce an artist album in seven months with that schedule didn’t leave a lot of time for anything else.

8. Tell me a little bit more about some of the other projects You have worked on.

Gareth Emery: Where do you want me to begin ? There’s a full list of every track I have ever made on my website :)

9. On a less sombre note, tell me what can be expected from Your forthcoming releases ?

Gareth Emery: The next few releases will be future singles from Northern Lights (the next one being “Citadel”) and then I have got a new Sound of Garuda compilation coming up in early next year.

10. You are also affiliated with Lange Recordings and Five AM as well, right ?

Gareth Emery: Not really, no. Five AM was my old label, which I was a co-owner was, but we closed it in 2008, so it doesn’t really exist as such any longer. I have released a few things on Lange Recordings, primarily my collaborations with Lange, but the last one was four years ago. Garuda is the only label I would consider myself to be involved with now.

11. I have heard that Your album’s release date been pushed/postponed back so many times. Is this true ? And if so, why did that happen’ ?

Gareth Emery: Yes, it was pushed back because I hadn’t finished it. And then I would usually need to release a single, so tracks I was saving for the album came out as singles, and then I had nothing left for the album. It’s hard to hold onto that much music without letting anyone hear it for so long…

12. Are You going to support this album in terms of gigs and if that so, where about are You heading to right now ?

Gareth Emery: I have just finished a four date tour of India which was amazing, and I am now off to play shows in Shanghai, Beijing and Jakarta. After that we have got the official album launch show entitled “The Northern Lights Concert” which is in Leeds, UK on the 8th October.

13. I recently heard that You are still keeping Your GTR alias active. Is there something going to happen’ in relation to new tracks under this alias in Your immediate future ?

Gareth Emery: No, it’s not true so not sure where you heard that. The last GTR track I released was in 2004, and I doubt I will ever release a track under that name again. I did see a couple of tracks by a ‘GTR’ in recent years, but they weren’t me.

14. What are Your true and personal feelings on today’s state of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) ?

Gareth Emery: As good as it’s ever been.

15. Running Garuda, ever since 2009, is that Your own way to embrace a new level of understanding in relation to a whole new perspective into the global EMI (Electronic Music Industry) ? More like, being more active in terms of A&R and PA (Performing Artists) ?

Gareth Emery: Running a label is part of what you do. You do shows, you have a label, you A&R it. All are important parts of being in this business.

16. Something that really makes me wonder is the fact that You have never named Your monthly Podcast show. Is there a reason behind it ?

Gareth Emery: It’s fortnightly not monthly, and it does have a name. It’s called The Gareth Emery Podcast :)

17. With all that being said, are there any last words that You would like to share with the readers ?

Gareth Emery: Thanks for the support and it was a pleasure to do this interview.

Picture shows GARETH EMERY photographed by John Wright

Interview made by Cosmin Lukacs ( admin/founder)


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