Interview with BT aka Brian Transeau


Interview with BT aka Brian Transeau1. Hi Brian. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for having this interview with You. I am really glad and thrilled by the fact that You took a few minutes with us.

BT: Of course it a pleasure to do this interview.

2. You are pretty much set in stone for classics we all know You by now, pure anthems with major elite of EDM spectrum and not only. Naming Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Jes and Kirsty Hawkshaw… just to name a few. Any stories that You would like to touch on from that era that stand out in Your mind ?

BT: Goodness, there are so many stores about these songs. “Love comes again” was a particular favorite. Tyas sent me a track and I just worked out the bmp and what key it was in. And then I sat down with a Rhodes 88 Piano. I wrote the song “Love Comes again” just singing and playing Rhodes and sent it to him and they freaked out and they built the track around that. That was a fun one. Geez with Paul van Dyk, during that time Paul came to visit me in the country and we had quite an adventure of hiking and riding and working in the studio. There are so many stories.

3. Besides EDM scene, looks like You got a huge list of collaborations, early ones along Britney Spears, NSync, Tori Amos, just to mention a few out of so many. Do You have any future plans with any of them to make it all happening again ?

BT: You know, I have worked with some really really phenomenal people, some incredible talent, many different spectrums of electronic music and I am sure I will work with those people again. There’s lot’s of people I have worked with more than one time. It’s really nice to revisit collaborative efforts with people that you really gel with creatively and it’s also nice to spread out and explore with new people because I’m not in a band, but I’m a musician. It really is like my extended band, my collaborators, if that sort of resonates and makes sense.

4. What’s it like to see the spotlight go full-circle on the Hollywood with all those movies You were involved ? What was the late movies You have been working on ? Also, are there any other soundtracks in the works ?

BT: Actually yes, we are talking about doing a film this fall. And it’s a really really terrific one and it’s with someone I have worked with before as well. It’s amazing working on a feature film. During the time period that I made a great deal of focus out of that, it’s something that I enjoy very much. It’s a very time consuming project and it necessitates a degree of emotional commitment to the material and the group working on it. It makes it very important to pick projects wisely I think. But the things that I have worked on that have been really special and very cumulative artistic effort between many parties have been very rewarding and the experiences I am very very grateful for.

5. Looking back on all the touring, the fame, support and people You have met at an early age, how has it shaped You into today ?

BT: I think it’s made me a very broad person who’s open to many different ways of life and being and really appreciates. I feel like I have a really strong degree of cultural sensitivity for America because I spent so much of my life traveling and emerged in other cultures other than what I grew up in. So I just feel really blessed to be exposed to the kind of diversity I have and now get to expose that to my family and to my child.

6. What’s Your take on the EDM scene these days ? Do You like the way that EDM evolved right now ?

BT: I very much like it actually. I think there’s some really really exciting and interesting things going on. From people incorporating glitch aesthetic into hip hop, like the Glitch Mob, to really interesting, for all intensive purposes, pop songs using things from underground culture, like wobble based dubstep stuff, like Sub Focus, right through to some of the Progressive House and Trance that are being made now which sounded absolutely spectacular. That music has never ever sounded that good. So yeah I think that Armin, Tyas, Ferry these guys there’s just really exciting music being made right now and I am really happy to be a part of it.

7. The guest appearances are phenomenal, Jes on “Every Other Way” and “The Light in Things”, Kirsty Hawkshaw on “A Million Stars” and Rob Dickinson in “Always” and “The Unbreakable.” Have You recorded with any other artists for the new album ? If so, who ?

BT: Yeah I know, some amazing talent on this album. It was important to me because a lot of these songs were very sort of intimate and personal to sing a bunch of these songs myself like “Suddenly” and “Emergency” and “Forget Me” and these songs. Another important collaborator on the record was Christian Burns, who actually those 3 songs that I just said, he wrote with me and Adam Beyer on the “Emergency”. He’s an incredible talent. So there’s some pretty amazing people contributed to this album.

8. You have influenced Electronica and EDM heavily. Do You feel You have been given the credit that is due ?

BT: You know, my answer to that would be it’s hard to stay abreast of that and know what people say about you in magazines and these kinds of things and of course I do read some of the things that people have say or have said in magazines and I felt really good about people acknowledging. Especially the contributions that I have made by way of production techniques like stutter editing, and nano correction, and my time correcting techniques and these sort of things. But I must to say that the thing that’s made me feel more than anything, like I have been given credit, to sit with my peer group, people like Armin van Buuren and Tiesto and Deadmau5 and to hear them say how heavily I have influenced them in what they do and for them to knowledge my productions and my productions techniques. That’s a really really exciting thing to be acknowledged by my peer groups. So I feel really blessed to have been gifted with that.

9. If You knew everything You know now, when You first started in this EMI (Electronic Music Industry), what would You have done differently ?

BT: You know I have to say nothing, I feel like it’s all progressed and things have happened for a reason so I think things have worked out exactly how they are meant to work out.

10. Can we expect You to ever record with Tiesto and also Ali “Dubfire” and Sharam of Deep Dish again ?

BT: Of course I would love to do something with all those guys, they are all good friends. I am sure we will honestly. With Ali it’s tough, he lives in Spain now, I really only see him on the road. But I am sure we will all get together on some stuff, definitely. I love what Ali is doing now and of course I love what Tiesto does, they are both good friends. I am sure we will do more stuff together. I love collaborating with both of them.

11. The annual Dj Mag Top10 is upon us, what do You think this will bring for BT ?

BT: I hope it will be great. You know it’s a little bit confusing because I have never DJed but this really is the only kind of accolade or acknowledge that you can receive in the dance music community. So a lot of my fans vote for me in it and I appreciate that and I ask them to vote for me too even though there is not a thing for best electronic artist. But a last this is how it works. We will see.

12. You are well known for using a technique You call the “Stutter Edit”. As Jean Michelle Jarre is well known for spreading the word about “Digital Sampling”, he also made extensive additions to it, being notable for using early Pro Tools. On the other hand, You are the main creator of this new technique, You have revolutionized and create a new acquisition for our digital era. What are Your comments on that ? How does it work ?

BT: So I have some very very big software news that’s going to be announced this coming fall about stutter edit, break tweaker, my iPhone application Sonify. We have some huge news about this, I appreciate you mentioning this. It’s a really proud technique, it’s developed over, quite literally, 20 years of production. It’s something you can turn on the radio and hear in a very simplified form in a Black Eyed Peas track or a Lady Gaga song. So it’s actually crossed into the sort of cultural mainstream. So this is something that very much excites me and it excites me more than anything because I can’t wait to give all of the people making those records and making everything from IDM records to Pop Music the tools to do live stutter editing. If you are a laptop DJ, if you’re a singer, a guitarist, I have created an application that allows you to do the most sophisticated live buffer cutting on planet Earth, barred nothing in real time and is designed for live performance. But we will all see it work in the studio. Like I said we have got some amazing news coming about this in the fall. It’s something I am real excited to share with everyone, but I can’t say yet.

14. What’s happening in Your studio these days ? Is it all fun, any forthcoming projects ? Give us some insight on the work ethic involved.

BT: I have a lot of projects all kinda congealing at once. Well I am writing, writing and writing some more. I have got a lot of projects all kind of congealing at once. There’s some really exciting things going on here, nothing particularly I want to plug. But there is going to be a lot of music coming out from me over the next couple of years and I am really excited to see these, to kind of hold these project’s hands, over the finish line. There is some really exciting music being written around here. I am very excited. I am in like a real writing streak right now.

15. Thank You very much for an amazing interview, such a thrill thou. Are there any last words for anyone reading this interview, especially the community.

BT: I appreciate so much your questions. You have some really thoughtful questions here, thank you for that. I would like to say to the community, I would like to thank them for their support and the Trance community in general. It’s a sort of music that I’m really proud to be affiliated with and electronic music in general. Specifically the Trance community has a lot of really positive energy and it’s something I am very proud to be affiliated with. So Thank you for this interview, I very much appreciate it. I hope you guys have a great day. Okay Blessed, take it easy.

Interview with BT aka Brian Transeau

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